FAAC Gate Barrier in UAE

Dubbed barrier gate FAAC, these devices are best for managing vehicular flow in car parks or any zone needing traffic oversight. Picture them as watches, effortlessly overseeing the comings and goings of vehicles. Picking the right one involves considering various features – from its design and detection capabilities to its color, built-in warning light, and even its reflective add-ons.

B680H Automatic Barrier Operator

This hybrid marvel, combining hydraulic efficiency with a brushless motor, is an all-rounder, adaptable to any barrier length. Its brain? A cutting-edge control unit, complete with an obstacle-sensing encoder, dual loop detectors, and intelligent Enslaver/Slave logic.

Not just brilliant but sturdy, it's built to last, effortlessly managing up to 2 million cycles. Safety is essential, with an electronic system that ensures the barrier stops and locks securely, regardless of position. FAAC barrier gate systems display reliability and innovation


  • Barrier Length: 6.5 – 26.5 ft.
  • Opening Time (Programmable): 1.5 – 6 sec.
  • Board Type: E 680 Control Board
  • Removable Housing (Not Included)
  • Simple, Guided Mechanical Setup
  • Automatic, 2-Step Control Board Setup
  • Switching Power Supply
  • Integrated Absolute Encoder
  • “Everlasting” Springs
  • 24V Hybrid Heart
  • Compatible with 620 and 640 foundation plates

FAAC Automatic Barriers UAE

Are you searching for a top-tier FAAC gate barrier supplier in the UAE? Look no further! FAAC's automatic car park barriers are the go-to solution for efficient traffic control and parking management.

With beam lengths reaching up to 8 meters, these barriers cater to large vehicles effortlessly. Some models boast lightning-fast opening times as quick as 2 seconds. Ideal for residential, commercial, or industrial spaces, FAAC barriers excel in longevity, security, and safety. 

FAAC 620 Commercial Barrier Openers

The FAAC HVM Gate Barrier 620 series is a top-notch choice for managing vehicle access. It's speedy and durable, ideal for busy spots. The 620 Standard handles a 5-meter beam and a bottom skirt, opening or closing in just 4 seconds. It is built for heavy use, with a 70% duty cycle.

Want something even quicker? The 620 Rapid can move a 4-meter beam in a mere 2 seconds. The 620 Super Rapid operates a 3-meter beam for the ultimate speed in just 0.8 seconds.

Reliability is key with the 620 series. It uses smart electronics to gently slow down at the end of its cycle, protecting the barrier from wear and tear. Plus, it's available in stainless steel, perfect for harsh environments. The 620 series uses innovative materials and FAAC's trusted hydraulic technology to ensure it lasts long.

FAAC 615 Hydraulic Arm Barrier gate Operator

The FAAC 615 boasts a slew of impressive features. It has a hydraulic safety system to prevent crushing, ensuring top-notch protection. The gate locks hydraulically, staying in place whether open or shut.

Also, a manual override is accessible with a unique key for emergencies or power outages. The 455 D control panel is the cherry on top, offering versatile and reliable control. This swing gate barrier exemplifies security and efficiency, making it a standout choice.

Faac Gate Barrier Baseplates

FAAC's collection of automatic car park barriers is quite the toolkit, each with its unique features.  Take the B680 Standard Large 6m Beam Kit, for instance.  

It is a complete package, including a base plate, barrier, cover, beam pocket with spring, and a 4-meter beam section.  Then there is the Foundation Plate for the 620 Barrier, handy as a spare part.  

If you are using the FAAC 746/844 electric sliding gate motors, there is a specific base plate just for you.  It is a powerhouse with unlimited springs and handling beams up to 8.3 meters.  Likewise, it opens quickly – we're talking 1.5 seconds for 2-meter gates. 

Faac Gate Barrier Faceplates

FAAC gate barriers faceplates, also known simply as boom barriers or automatic barriers, are essential tools for managing vehicle flow. Commonly found in parking lots and other traffic-heavy areas, they provide an efficient way to regulate access. These barriers are a go-to solution for ensuring smooth and controlled vehicle movement where it's most needed.

FAAC Gate Barrier FAQs

What is the function of a gate barrier?

A gate barrier system is designed to allow entry only to authorized vehicles, typically used in residential areas or facilities, to manage vehicle access effectively.

What is the structure of the barrier gate?

The barrier gate's structure includes a combination of mechanical parts such as a worm and worm wheel, crank arm, connecting rod, rocker arm, transmission shaft, and power shaft, all powered by a motor.

What is an automatic barrier gate system?

An automatic barrier gate system operates without manual intervention, automatically opening, closing, and stopping as required to manage vehicle flow.

What is the difference between a gate and a barrier?

While both gates and barriers are used for access control, barriers specifically provide a distinct separation between public spaces and private company areas.

How long is a barrier gate arm?

The length of a barrier gate arm can vary widely, ranging from 6 feet to as long as 30 feet, depending on the site's specific requirements.

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