Upgrade Your Gate Experience with Our Top-Quality Sliding Gate Motors – Trusted Across the UAE

Are you looking to upgrade your gate with some high-tech convenience? Check out our selection of automatic sliding gate openers. These devices are perfect for gates weighing between 1300 and 5700 pounds. 

You can choose from openers powered by either AC or DC motors. Also, there is an eco-friendly option to run these openers on solar energy! Depending on your gate’s setup, you can pick an opener with a roller chain or gear rack. With these automatic sliding gate opener options, managing your gate becomes easy and adds a touch of modern ease to your daily routine.

Swing Arm Gate Motor

Our smart swing gate motors are here to ease your life. These nice swing gate motors handle the opening and closing of all swing gates – whether for your home, office, or a big factory.

They are tough enough to work in harsh environments, so you know they are reliable.
No matter what kind of swing gate you have, our motors can manage them smoothly and effectively.

They are designed to work well, moving gates quickly and lasting long. Stebilex Systems brings you these fantastic swing gate solutions. We are the UAE's top choice for these handy came swing gate motor for homes and businesses alike. 

Gate Motors for Domestic Swing Gates

Upgrade your home security with our dual gate opener for swing gates. This super gadget lets you bid farewell to the days of manually opening your gate. Designed with safety in mind, it is a reliable shield against potential dangers.

What's in Store for You:

  • Easy installation.
  • Operate with your smartphone or a remote – your choice.
  • Sleek design that compliments your gate.
  • Trustworthy battery backup.
  • Compatible with all types of domestic swing gates.

How Does a Motor Swing Gate Work

  • Swing arm gate openers use a specific mechanism for motion.
  • They often employ a ring gear design, different from oil reduction boxes.
  • This involves gears turning a shaft and moving an arm connected to the gate.
  • The connection is made through a universal joint, ensuring smooth operation.
  • Another popular method is the piston system, known for its reliability.
  • Piston systems, while effective, manage to operate more slowly.
  • These systems are essential for the efficient functioning of swing gates.

Surface Mount Swing Gate Motors

The surface mount motor is a top pick for those needing a robust solution for their swinging gates. It is a favorite among security experts who attach it directly to the gate's surface. Not only is this motor built to last, but it also operates quietly. It is simple, making it a practical choice for small and more significant gates. The heavy-duty swing gate opener is a reliable, low-noise, and user-friendly option for securing your property.

Underground Swing Gate Motors

Swing motor gate openers of this kind are cleverly tucked away underground. They are like secret agents in the world of gate motors – unseen yet highly effective. What makes them stand out? They are super secure and allow your gate to open wider than most. Imagine a gate swinging open smoothly, giving you plenty of space to drive through without a problem. This single-gate opener solution is all about blending high security with convenience, making it a top choice for those who value aesthetics and functionality. Also, since it is underground, you will not even know it is there.

Swing Gate Motor FAQs

What is a swing gate operator?

A swing gate operator is a device that powers the opening and closing of a swing gate. It is like the muscle behind your gate doing the heavy lifting to make entry and exit smooth and effortless.

What is the life expectancy of a gate motor?

Expect your gate motor to continue chugging for about 15 to 20 years. It is a solid investment, offering a long stretch of reliability and convenience.

Does a gate motor use a lot of electricity?

Not at all! A gate motor is relatively energy-efficient. On standby, it sips electricity, using only around 100 watts a day – less than many household appliances.

What causes gate motor failure?

Usually, an electrical outage is the main culprit behind a gate motor, calling it quits. The motor cannot do its job without power, leaving your gate stuck.

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