Came Gate Barrier in UAE

In the busy markets of the UAE, CAME emerges as a notable player, offering an array of automatic barriers. These barriers, from sleek garage doors to robust road blockades, are integrated with advanced access control systems. They recognize and record authorized individuals and efficiently manage entry and exit.

Simplified yet secure, these CAME barriers are alert gatekeepers, ensuring that only those with clearance can pass through. Want one? Contact us as we are one of the CAME gate barrier suppliers in the UAE.


    Looking for an attractive and reliable solution for your home? Look no further than the CAME AMICO. This system is designed for simple and effective installation, with features like the trilobe key release system and finecorsa meccanici regolabili. It comes with a one-conductor cable and all necessary hardware for easy setup. The supporting structure is made from die-cast aluminum, ensuring durability and strength. CAME AMICO also has a self-diagnosing safety feature, meaning you can be sure your family is safe. And in case of power outage, this system is still operational. So don’t wait any longer, the CAME AMICO is the perfect solution for your residential needs.CAME AMICO

    • Gate leaves up to 1,8 m
    • Ideal solution for residential settings.
    • Trilobe key release system.
    • Finecorsa meccanici regolabili.
    • Simplified connections and one, three-conductor cable.
    • Supporting structure in die-cast aluminum.
    • Set up for operation in case of power outage.
    • Self-diagnosing safety devices.


    2.920,00 د.إ

Came Gate Barrier Installation Manual

To ensure safety and compliance when installing a Came Gate Barrier system in the UAE, follow these straightforward steps:

  1. Site Security: Block the area to keep out unwanted visitors, particularly kids.
  2. Heavy Equipment Handling: If dealing with equipment over 20 Kg, use safety gear for heavy lifting (refer to the installation manual).
  3. Control Placement: Position all controls, like buttons or magnetic sensors, at least 1.85 meters from the gate. They should be out of reach from outside.
  4. Height Considerations: Install direct controls, such as push buttons, at a minimum height of 1.5 meters. Public access to these should be restricted.
  5. Visibility for Operation: Place controls for continuous operation only where you can see the gate and surrounding areas.
  6. Labeling: If missing, label the release mechanism clearly.
  7. Compliance Check: Before handing over to the client, ensure the system meets EN 12453 standards for impact safety. Confirm that all safety devices, manual releases, and adjustments are in proper working order.
  8. Warning Signs: Display any necessary warning signs, like a gate plate, in visible areas.

Came Gate Barrier G4000

In Dubai, we are known for providing the swift G4000 model, which operates on 230V power. For those needing something more robust, the G4000 and G6000 series, including the sleek stainless steel options, run on 24V D.C.

These are perfect for heavy-duty use and do not demand constant upkeep. As authorized CAME dealers in the UAE, we ensure quality and reliability for your gate barrier needs. With us, you will find the ideal solution to manage access efficiently, whether for a commercial space or a private property. 

Technical Specifications

  • Ideal for managing entryways up to 4 meters wide.
  • Composed by CAME, meeting the latest safety norms with an IP 54 protection rating.
  • 12-month guarantee, void if tampered with by unauthorized individuals.
  • The G4000 model is equipped for smooth bar movement, ensuring quick opening and closing.
  • Perfect for spaces up to 6.5 meters. Available in three models tailored to different passage widths.
  • Operates on 230V. The G4000 and G6000 versions, including the durable AISI 304 inox steel models, boast a 24V D.C. gear motor designed for heavy-duty use.

CAME GT8 6m Deluxe Barrier Kit 8K01RB-0711

The CAME GT8 6m Deluxe, a state-of-the-art automatic barrier kit, effortlessly manages entry points. It is tailored for Abu Dhabi's dynamic environment and includes a customizable 6.35m boom, precisely trimmed to 6m for optimal fit. Its powerful electromechanical motor ensures swift, reliable operation, opening in 4-8 seconds. This barrier is built for continuous use, ideal for high-traffic areas, combining efficiency with robust performance.

Came Gate Barrier FAQs

What is a boom barrier gate?

A boom barrier gate is a pivoting bar or pole that controls vehicle and pedestrian access. It acts as a movable blockade at entry points, efficiently managing traffic flow.

What is the purpose of the gate barrier system?

The gate barrier system serves to regulate vehicular access. It's a strategic setup for managing the entry and exit of vehicles, ensuring a controlled and secure environment.

How many types of gate barriers are there?

There are three main types of gate barriers: Rising Arm Barriers, Height Restriction Barriers, and Swing Arm Barriers, each serving distinct purposes on business premises for traffic control.

How do boom gates work?

Boom gates operate through a mechanism that lifts a bar or pole, allowing or restricting access. This process is often automated and synchronized with security systems for efficient traffic management.

Which sensor is used in the boom barrier?

Boom barriers commonly use photocell sensors. These sensors detect vehicles and objects, aiding in the automated control of the barrier's movement for safety and efficiency.

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