Upgrade Your Gate Experience with Our Top-Quality Sliding Gate Motors – Trusted Across the UAE

Are you looking to upgrade your gate with some high-tech convenience? Check out our selection of automatic sliding gate openers. These devices are perfect for gates weighing between 1300 and 5700 pounds. 

You can choose from openers powered by either AC or DC motors. Also, there is an eco-friendly option to run these openers on solar energy! Depending on your gate’s setup, you can pick an opener with a roller chain or gear rack. With these automatic sliding gate opener options, managing your gate becomes easy and adds a touch of modern ease to your daily routine.

Choose Us For Your Sliding Gate Motors

In-home security, a strong gate motor is key. We offer top-notch sliding gate motors, perfect for enhancing your outdoor space, whether a cozy garden or a vast estate. These gate motor suppliers make your driveway safer and more accessible while being easy on the wallet. Whether you have a small area or sprawling grounds, Our electric gate openers are the smart choice for security without breaking the bank.

Sliding Gate Automation

We specialize in supplying the UAE with the best sliding gate motors. Our collection includes brands like BFT, CAME, DELMA, and BENINCA, which are known for their reliability and efficiency. These automatic openers are not just about safety; they offer the convenience of remote control operation.

Whether for a villa or any property, our range of motors caters to varied needs and preferences, all at competitive prices. If you are in UAE and looking for an automated gate solution, we are your go-to source.

We provide various options, helping you find the perfect fit for your requirements. Beyond security, our sliding gates are a stylish addition, enhancing your space's safety and aesthetic appeal. Discover our diverse selection, including budget-friendly choices, and easily improve  your property's entrance.

How To Install An Automatic Sliding Gate Opener

Setting up your automatic sliding gate opener involves a few straightforward steps:

  1. Attach the opener to your fence and posts.
  2. Connect it to the motor.
  3. Power it up by linking to your selected energy source.
  4. Make it functional with remotes, keypads, and keycards.

Remember, the process may vary slightly based on your property's layout, the type of gate, and the terrain. With automatic sliding driveway gates, you enhance security and add a touch of modern convenience to your home.

Life Sliding Gate Motor

LIFE's sliding gate motors offer innovative features that enhance performance and safety. The DEUS model is a breeze to install, boasting a dual encoder system that ensures utmost safety during use. It's designed with user convenience and reliability in mind.

The ACER variant, built for endurance, can handle up to 1200 KG. It's available in two 24 V and nine 230 V models, catering to various needs. Its sturdy aluminum body and impact-resistant exterior shell make it a robust choice. Its motor is coated with special outdoor-friendly paints, offering extra durability against the elements. This sliding gate opener is a top-notch choice for those seeking efficiency and longevity.

Beninca Sliding Gate Motor

Beninca's sliding gate openers cater to various needs, from small home gates to robust ones for business use. The BULL5ME model is innovative with its self-regulating control and a unique device that makes gate movement smooth and safe.

Then there is the BULL 1224 TURBO, a powerhouse capable of swiftly moving gates up to 1200 kg at a brisk pace of 24 m/min. For homes, the BULL 424R is ideal. It's energy-efficient and can even work during power outages with its battery backup. Each model, whether for a cosy home or a bustling commercial space, brings the ease and reliability of electric sliding gate motor technology.

Sliding Gate Opener FAQs

Which motor is used in the sliding gate?

Sliding gate motors are available in two main types: AC (Alternating Current) and DC (Direct Current). Your choice depends on the gate's size and usage frequency.

How long does a sliding gate motor last?

Typically, a sliding gate motor can last for 15 years or more, depending on its quality, maintenance, and usage patterns.

What is the disadvantage of a sliding gate?

The main disadvantage of sliding gates is their dependency on sufficient lateral space. They require a clear, unobstructed area equivalent to the gate's width for smooth operation.

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