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The CAME BX 800KG is a powerhouse sliding gate opener built for heavy-duty use. It tackles gates up to a staggering 800kg with ease, offering smooth operation, advanced safety features, and convenient control options.

CAME BX 800KG: Conquer Heavy Gates with Precision and Control

No more struggling with cumbersome gates! The CAME BX 800KG takes control, effortlessly opening and closing gates weighing up to 800kg. Ideal for large residential properties, commercial entrances, and industrial use, this robust motor delivers efficient and reliable performance. Say goodbye to manual gate handling and enjoy the comfort of remote control operation or convenient access control solutions.


  • Gate weight capacity: 800 kg
  • Motor type: 230V AC gear motor
  • Voltage: 230V
  • Power consumption: 360W
  • Leaf speed: 10.5 m/min
  • Control unit: ZBX7N with display and memory roll
  • Limit switch type: Encoder-based and electromechanical
  • Pinion module: 4
  • Slowdown: Yes
  • Locking: Mechanical
  • Release: Key operated
  • Safety features: Encoder-based movement control, self-diagnosing safety devices, photocells
  • Frequency of use: Intensive
  • Protection rating: IP54
  • Environmental conditions: -20°C to +55°C

Features and Benefits:

  • Unmatched power: Handles even the heaviest gates with ease, ensuring effortless access for all users.
  • Precision and control: Encoder-based technology guarantees smooth and accurate gate movement.
  • Enhanced safety: Self-diagnosing safety devices, photocells, and encoder control combine to prevent collisions and accidents.
  • Remote control convenience: Operate your gate from afar with optional remote controls.
  • Access control integration: Compatible with CAME CONNECT technology for remote digital control or local access using CAME KEY.
  • Durable and weatherproof: High-quality materials and IP54 rating ensure long-lasting performance in harsh environments.
  • Peace of mind: Intensive use frequency and robust safety features provide reliability and confidence.

Product Details:

  • Complete kit: Available in various configurations with options including motor, control unit, remote controls, photocells, rack, and blinker light.
  • Easy installation: Designed for user-friendly setup with clear instructions.
  • Compact and discreet: Integrates seamlessly with your gate aesthetics.
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2.350,00 د.إ

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