Beninca Motor in UAE

Hailing from Italy, Beninca stands out in crafting solutions for gate automation and access controls, including barriers and automation for garage and commercial doors. As experts in this field, they offer a range of gate automation kits, motors, components, and supplementary items.

One of their standout products is the Sliding Gate Electric Motor Driveway Opener Operator Bull 6 MA-FC kit, ideal for gates up to 20 feet or weighing up to 600 pounds. This kit features a duo of long-distance remote controls and twin chain boxes and boasts quiet operation.

The BULL624ESA, another product in their lineup, is a sliding gate motor known for its reliability. The BULL5ME sliding gate motor is a superb choice for those seeking a robust option.

Beninca Sliding Gate Motor

The Beninca CP Bull manual highlights a robust 230V Vac gear motor, perfect for heavy-duty use. Its built-in control unit and encoder ensure high precision and safety during operation. The self-ventilated design allows for extended usage without overheating.

A key feature is its oil-lubricated metal gearbox, which delivers top-notch performance even in cold conditions.

This motor is especially suitable for tasks requiring continuous, intense use. Adding an encoder adds an extra layer of safety, ensuring the accurate movement of gates. A sturdy metal release lever is included for added durability and reliability.

Beninca BULL5ME Sliding Gate Motor 

The Beninca Gate Automation system features a powerful 230 Vac electromechanical motor that handles gate movements with finesse and security. This motor comes integrated with a control unit, streamlining installation and functionality.

An added perk is the MAG.E accessory, which connects to the BULL5ME model, equipping it with an encoder. This encoder is crucial for safety, as it prevents the gate from accidentally crushing anything in its path and ensures the gate moves smoothly and accurately. 

Beninca Gate Opener Bull 624 FC Sliding Chain 

Crafted in Italy, the Beninca Gate Barrier UAE is a top-tier residential and light commercial application choice. This chain-driven sliding gate automation system boasts robust steel construction.

Its impressive performance offers a torque of 23 Nm and a thrust of 558 N. The speed is a swift 1 ft/sec (with a Z20 adjustment), perfect for quick and efficient operation.

It's suited for busy environments and is designed to handle a maximum of 300 cycles per day. The system can smoothly manage gates weighing up to 1200 lb and stretching up to 30 ft. 

Commercial BENINCA BULL15M Sliding Gate Motor

The BULL15M, a robust sliding gate motor, hails from Italy and is known for its exceptional manufacturing standards. This powerhouse is perfect for commercial gates, handling weights up to 1,500 kg effortlessly.

It has all the essentials: a mounting plate for easy installation and a release key for quick access. It operates on a 230 Vac power supply. Its built-in encoder is a marvel of engineering that ensures your gate moves smoothly and safely, offering precise motion control every time.

The Beninca control board underscores its reliability, cementing the BULL15M as a top choice for secure and efficient gate operations.

Beninca Remote Control Programming With Switch

Method 1: Syncing with an Original Remote

Tools Needed: A standard screwdriver and your original remote.

How to do it:

  • Open both the new and the old remotes.
  • Adjust the DIP switches in the new remote to match those in the old one using the screwdriver.
  • Your new remote is now ready to use with your device!

Method 2: Setting Up with the Receiver

Tools Required: A screwdriver and access to your device's receiver (usually near the engine).

How to Do It:

  • Open the new remote and locate the receiver box.
  • Use the screwdriver to align the DIP switches on the new remote to those on the receiver.
  • Your remote is all set to control your device!

Programming a remote BENINCA With Self Learn System

To program your Beninca remote, you will need one already programmed remote. Here is a simple guide:

  1. Press the button on your new remote until its LED blinks, then speeds up.
  2. Release the button.
  3. Push the new remote's first button; the LED stays on.
  4. Quickly press and hold the programmed remote button behind the new one.
  5. When the new remote's LED blinks thrice, you are set! The first button is ready.
  6. Repeat these steps for any additional buttons.

Programming a remote BENINCA With the Receiver

  1. Locate Your Receiver: Start by finding your receiver, which is usually attached to your garage door.
  2. Initiate Programming Mode: Find and press the programming button on the receiver. This button might be labeled as ENR, MEMO, or PROG.
  3. Long Press for Some Models: Sometimes, keep the programming button pressed to activate the mode.
  4. Indicator LED: Watch for the LED on the receiver to signal that the programming mode is active.
  5. Remote Control Sync: Press any button on your new remote for a second and then release. This syncs the remote with the receiver.
  6. Confirmation Signal: Observe the receiver’s LED. A different light pattern or turning off means the programming is successful.
  7. Exit Programming Mode: Wait a few moments, and the system will exit programming mode automatically.

Beninca Pupilla Photocells

Beninca Pupilla photocells are compact, easy-to-mount sensors with a flexible 180-degree beam, ideal for enhancing safety in automated garage and gate systems.

These tiny devices are crucial in detecting obstacles, ensuring the smooth and secure operation of your automated gates and garages.

Perfect for residential and commercial use, they are a brilliant addition to any automated entry system, offering an extra layer of protection and convenience.

Features of Beninca Pupilla Photocells

  1. Rotational Lens: You can turn the lens up to 180 degrees. It is like having eyes at the back of your head!
  2. Adjustable Beam: Fine-tune the beam to your needs.
  3. Self-Alignment: It aligns itself, saving you the hassle.
  4. Power Supply: Works with 22-30 Vac or 20-28 Vdc power. It's versatile.
  5. Synchronization: Pair up to four sets together. 
  6. Easy Adjustment: An LED light guides you to perfect alignment. No guesswork is needed.
  7. Vandal-Resistant Cover: It is challenging and can handle some rough treatment.

Beninca Sliding Gate Motor FAQs

Which country made the BFT gate motor?

BFT gate motors hail from Italy and are known for their quality and reliability in automated gate systems.

Who makes ET gate motors?

The NiceGroup, a renowned player in the automation industry, manufactures ET gate motors.

What do you do when an electric gate doesn't close?

If your electric gate refuses to close, first inspect for obstructions like fallen branches, leaves, or overgrown vegetation that might be blocking its path.

Who invented the automatic gate?

The concept of the automatic gate was brought to life by Fred W. Watson, an innovator in automated entry systems.

Who makes the best commercial gate opener?

Top commercial gate openers are made by LiftMaster, Mighty Mule, Ghost Controls, and ALEKO, all offering robust and efficient solutions for automated gate systems.

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