Barrier Gate Nice in UAE

In Dubai, Nice gate barriers are the go-to solution for managing access in various locations. These barriers are perfect, whether it is a bustling shopping center, a serene hotel, a busy hospital, an expansive exhibition center, a lively amusement park, an airport, or a railway station. They are equally effective in any public facility, big or small, ensuring smooth and efficient entry and exit control.

Nice Gate Barrier Design

Nice emerged as a pioneer in home automation, recognizing the significance of design early on. Their products are renowned for their visual appeal and meticulous attention to detail. This commitment to design excellence has led Nice to receive multiple prestigious global awards.


At the heart of Nice's R&D division lies a team of international experts preparing cutting-edge products. Every day in their 1000 square meter lab is a new adventure in innovation. Here, they conduct thorough tests with the latest technology and procedures, ensuring their products meet the highest technology and quality standards. This dedication to excellence is what sets Nice apart in the realm of product innovation.


Nice is dedicated to protecting our planet. They focus on creating eco-friendly materials, solar-powered devices, and systems that efficiently manage light and heat. This approach betters our daily lives and ensures a sustainable future.

Nice Apollo LBAR L-Bar Commercial Automatic Barrier Gate Opener

Introducing the L-Bar, a top-notch barrier gate system from Nice. This kit is a game-changer, boasting an XBA17 foundation plate. It is a powerhouse, efficiently managing barrier arms up to 29.5 feet. Also, durability is critical here – the L-Bar comes in a sturdy steel case with a strong cataphoresis treatment and a sleek paint finish. 

Key Features

  • Built-In BCU1 Controller
  • 24VDC Barrier Gate Operator
  • Designed For Operating Barrier Arms 23 ft to 29.5 ft Long
  • No Blackouts: Optional Battery Backup Available To Maintain Operation In Case Power Failure
  • Energy Saving: Automatically Switches To Standby Mode When Idle
  • Smooth Movement Throughout Full Cycle – Limit Sensing Integrated In Adjustable Hard Stops
  • Optional Flashing Traffic Light Can Be Integrated Into Cover
  • Obstacle Detection Reverses Arm On Contact
  • Dual Gate Pairing Through Primary / Secondary Communication

Nice Gate Barrier Dubai

NICE Gate barrier systems, crafted in Italy by NICE S.p.a., offer a robust range of products for automated access. These include gate barriers, sliding and swing gate motors, and garage door openers. Renowned for their quality, these systems suit Dubai's intense heat, ensuring reliable operation.

The NICE-S model accommodates gates up to 4 meters comprehensive, while the NICE-M and NICE-L models are designed for gates up to 7 and 9 meters wide, respectively. For those in Dubai seeking prices and options for NICE Gate barriers, feel free to reach out for the best solutions.

Nice Gate Barrier Supplier in Dubai

We lead the way in automated gate barriers in Dubai, offering top-notch Italian designs. These solid barriers are easy to use, making your spaces more efficient. Their durability and sleek designs add value to any setting, ensuring smooth operation and control. Perfect for anyone looking for reliable and user-friendly automation solutions.

Easily Automate Swing Gates

Transform your swing gates into a modern convenience with Nice's intelligent automation system. This advanced solution lets you effortlessly open and close your gates with a click, making daily routines smoother. Say goodbye to manually handling your gates and embrace this user-friendly, time-saving technology.

Control Sliding Gates Remotely

Effortlessly manage your sliding gates with a simple click using Nice automation products. These intuitively designed solutions not only save you time but also enhance the security of your property.

Gate Automation Remotely with MyNice Welcome App

With the MyNice Welcome App, use your smartphone to control your gate and garage door effortlessly. Enjoy the convenience of scheduling gate operations and remote control while staying informed about your home's security.

This app is designed for iOS and Android and integrates seamlessly with IT services. Streamline your daily routine with programmable actions, making your life easier. Also, enjoy smooth gate automation without any hassles.

Autometic Doors, Gates, Barriers

We specialize in offering variety of gates and security barriers. We aim to equip our clients with top-notch products and all the necessary support. Whether it is designing or installing a comprehensive security system, we are here to guide you every step of the way. Our commitment extends beyond just selling products; we are constantly updating our offerings to keep pace with our customers' evolving needs. 

Nice Sliding Gates in UAE

Sliding gates are a smart choice when space is tight. Picture a single door gliding on a track with a clever ratchet system.

They are perfect for big entrances, especially if they are uphill or if there is not much room for traditional swinging gates. The key is to match the gate's motor to its weight and length.

Safety is top-notch with these gates. They have special edges that sense if something is in the way during closing. If they hit an obstacle, they stop and go back, preventing any harm to people or things. This feature is a real game-changer, ensuring peace of mind.

Nice Gate Barrier FAQs 

What are the critical features of Nice gate barriers?

Nice gate barriers feature swift opening times, state-of-the-art anti-crush technology, and the convenience of remote control, making them a top choice for effective and secure entry management.

How can Nice gate barriers enhance access control in commercial spaces?

In commercial settings, Nice gate barriers boost security by restricting unauthorized entry, integrating smoothly with identification systems, and providing real-time surveillance to safeguard premises.

Do Nice Gate Barriers offer integration with access management systems?

Nice gate barriers are designed for easy integration with various access management systems, offering centralized control and upgraded security for more efficient operation.

Are Nice gate barriers designed to withstand harsh weather conditions?

Indeed, Nice gate barriers are built to withstand severe weather, using durable materials and thoughtful design to ensure consistent, reliable performance throughout the year.

What safety measures are included in Nice gate barriers to prevent accidents?

Nice gate barriers incorporate crucial safety measures like obstacle detection and emergency release mechanisms, significantly reducing the risk of accidents and ensuring user safety.

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