Parking Gate Barrier in UAE

An auto barrier gate, often found in parking areas, operates using a bar that manages vehicle access. This barrier arm, usually crafted from robust steel or lightweight aluminium, features a slender, elongated design. It moves up and down through the aid of a geared motor positioned at its base.

This motion of the arm enables cars to drive in or out smoothly. Simple in its mechanism, this gate is an efficient solution to control the flow of vehicles, ensuring a well-organized parking space.


Auto gate barriers are essential in managing vehicle entry and exit in parking garages and lots. They are vital to keeping vehicles safe and ensuring no car leaves without proper clearance.

These barriers deal with lots of traffic, effectively preventing unapproved access. This boosts security at any site, making them a reliable choice for controlling vehicle movement.

Automatic Parking Barrier Gate in UAE

The BGS-5xx barrier gate is tough and reliable, perfect for busy spots and harsh weather. It's made with strong stainless steel, so it doesn't rust easily, even near the ocean.

This gate is smart, too! It has different settings for opening and closing speeds, can reverse automatically if something's in the way, and has bright lights to show drivers when to stop or go. Also, if a car hits it, the breakaway arm means less damage to the gate and car.

It is also easy to put up without fancy tools, and its sleek design fits tight places. Perfect for places with lots of cars coming and going!

Parking Control Arms and Barrier Gates 

Upgrade your home or business's security with parking control arms and barrier gates. These gates help you set strict entry rules, manage traffic, and monitor the speed. Homeowners gain the power to limit access, ensuring safety and order. 

Choose the right gate size and strength for effortless access to your place, be it a parking ramp or a private area. With added equipment like traffic spikes and signs, you can prevent unwanted visitors, keep traffic orderly, and protect your property, especially at night. The gates are made of durable materials and always look professional.

Parking Entrance Barrier

Your parking lot's safety and efficiency are our priority. We offer a variety of tools to manage access and ensure secure, paid entry. Our products, perfect for any parking garage, include reliable gates and barriers. These essentials manage vehicle flow, maintaining order and security.

For seamless ticketing, our parking ticket dispensers integrate effortlessly into your system. They are a key part of ensuring every visitor contributes to your revenue.

Trust us to equip your parking facility with the best access control and security, guaranteeing that only paying customers enter and exit.

Outdoor Parking Gate Barrier

Barrier gates are essential for managing traffic in busy areas like parking lots and garages. These gates, equipped with a long arm, control the entry and exit of vehicles. You will see them in high-traffic airports, shopping malls, and clubs. We offer a range of AC and DC-powered barrier gates known for their strength and consistent performance.

They can work with different entry systems – from card readers to radio transmitters. For safety, it is smart to add devices like photo-eyes to stop the gate from closing on a vehicle. This parking lot gate system ensures smooth and safe traffic flow in crowded areas.

Parking Barrier Gate Operators in UAE

In busy business hubs, airports, and public facilities, barrier gates for parking lots are a crucial tool for managing vehicle access. These handy operators can use card readers, keypads, or phone entry setups.

They are also adaptable for operating control in places like guard stations. Designed for one-way and two-way traffic, these gates come with arms ranging from 6 to 30 feet long.

When choosing the right one, consider the power needs. Top brands in this field include Platinum Access Systems, Linear, FAAC, LiftMaster, DoorKing, and Nice Apollo, ensuring quality and reliability.

Parking Lot Barrier Gate

If you are on the lookout for a gate opener that's both tough and trustworthy, you will love our Linear Barrier Gate Openers. Picture a gate arm, balanced just right, swinging up to let cars through and then smoothly coming down.

That is what these openers do. They are designed to work in many different places, and we have plenty to choose from.

Likewise, they are built to handle whatever the weather throws at them. So, whether it is rain, shine, or anything in between, your parking lot gate arm will keep on moving,

Parking Gate Barrier FAQs

What is a parking gate barrier?

A parking gate barrier is a mechanized gate, often found at the entry and exit of parking areas, which controls vehicle access through a raising and lowering arm mechanism.

What is the parking garage gate called?

The gate commonly seen at parking garage entrances and exits is known as a barrier gate, effectively regulating vehicle movement.

What is the purpose of the barrier gate?

A barrier gate system serves as a security checkpoint, controlling and restricting access for vehicles and people before they enter a facility.

What are the parking arms called?

The extendable part of a parking barrier is typically known as a barrier arm, boom gate, or access barrier arm.

How does a parking gate work?

Parking gates operate by using a motorized system to lift and lower the barrier arm, thereby managing the entry and exit of vehicles.

What is a parking lot barrier?

Parking lot barriers, often made from metal, stone, cement, or plastic, can be permanent or temporary structures used to guide and control traffic flow.

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