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    Automatic Gate Supplier in UAE

    In UAE, we specialize in offering the best automatic gates and security solutions. Our range includes high-tech automatic gates, boom barriers, turnstile security gates, and parking control systems, serving areas like Sharjah, Ajman, Abu Dhabi, and more in the UAE.

    As a leading security systems company, we pride ourselves on our skilled technical engineers who handle installations in key locations. Our focus is on improving security in various parts of the UAE with creative, reliable solutions.

    Automatic Gate System

    At Automatic Gate, we are experts in integrating Gate Automation Systems into various gate types and entryways. This upgrade facilitates your daily comings and goings, offering effortless access to your property.

    Selecting the ideal automation solution is crucial, as each entryway presents its unique characteristics. We provide options for both Sliding and Swing Gates, ensuring a perfect fit for your specific entrance needs. 

    Automatic Gate Barrier

    At Automatic Gate in UAE, we offer automatic gate barriers to secure your facilities. These gates are perfect for everything from small parking spaces to large industrial areas and toll booths. They come with advanced features like sensitive sensors, card readers, license plate recognition, and payment options for better operation.

    Prepared by industry leaders like Magnetic and FAAC, our barriers are dedicated and suit various locations like malls, airports, stadiums, hotels, and busy areas like ports and industrial sites. Whether you need an automatic or manual barrier, we have the right solution to meet your needs.

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