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KING GATES ROLLS are high-performance gearmotors designed to automate sectional and overhead doors with remarkable power, reliability, and ease of use. Experience smooth, secure gate operation for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.


Upgrade your gate control with the KING GATES ROLLS. These robust gearmotors utilize advanced technology to ensure effortless movement, even for heavy gates. The innovative belt drive system with reinforced steel cables delivers exceptional durability and quiet operation. KING GATES ROLLS are built to last, crafted with high-quality materials and rigorously tested for optimal performance in diverse environments.

Product Specifications:

  • Gearmotor Type: AC or DC powered electric gearmotor
  • Available Models: ROLLS 500, ROLLS 700, ROLLS 1200 (varying power capacities)
  • Maximum Gate Weight: Refer to specific model specifications (typically 500 kg to 1200 kg)
  • Opening Speed: Adjustable (typical range 15 cm/s to 60 cm/s)
  • Safety Features: Encoder with automatic stop, obstacle detection, emergency release
  • Control Options: Programmable control unit, manual controls, optional remote control
  • Installation: Wall-mounted or integrated into the gate structure

    Product Features and Benefits:

  • Powerful operation: Effortlessly manage even heavy gates with smooth and reliable movement.
  • Advanced belt drive: Enjoy quiet operation, reduced wear and tear, and extended motor life.
  • Durability and reliability: Built to withstand demanding use with high-quality materials and rigorous testing.
  • Safety first: Encoder technology ensures precise stopping and obstacle detection for enhanced safety.
  • Versatile control: Choose from programmable control units, manual controls, or add optional remote control for convenient operation.
  • Easy installation: Wall-mounted or integrated design options offer flexible installation choices.


  • Residential garages and driveway gates
  • Commercial parking lot gates
  • Industrial warehouse and security gates
  • Any application requiring automated control of sectional or overhead doors
  • KING GATES ROLLS offer the perfect combination of power, precision, and safety for all your gate automation needs. Whether you have a
  • residential garage door or a heavy industrial gate, these robust gearmotors provide reliable and effortless control. With a range of models
  • and control options, KING GATES ROLLS cater to diverse requirements and offer exceptional value for your investment.
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1.490,00 د.إ

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