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The ROGER M90/F4ES photocells are compact and stylish safety sensors for automatic gates. Using infrared technology, they detect obstacles in their path, preventing accidents and ensuring smooth gate operation.

Gone are the days of bulky and obtrusive safety sensors for your automatic gates. The ROGER M90/F4ES photocells offer a sleek and discreet solution while safeguarding your property and loved ones. These infrared sensors form an invisible beam across the gate’s path, and any interruption triggers a signal to stop the gate movement. This prevents collisions with vehicles, pedestrians, or even stray objects, enhancing safety and peace of mind.

Product Specifications:

  • Technology: Infrared (IR)
  • Detection Range: Up to 15 meters (adjustable)
  • Synchronization: Up to 4 pairs of photocells
  • Power Supply: 12/24V AC/DC
  • Enclosure Rating: IP55 (weatherproof)
  • Dimensions: 56 x 30 x 22 mm (transmitter) / 56 x 30 x 48 mm (receiver)

    Product Features and Benefits:

  • Enhanced Safety: Prevents accidents and injuries by stopping gate movement upon detecting obstacles.
  • Improved Convenience: Ensures smooth gate operation without unwanted interruptions.
  • Discreet Design: Compact and sleek sensors blend seamlessly with your gate aesthetics.
  • Weatherproof: IP55 rating for reliable performance in all weather conditions.
  • Adjustable Range: Customize the detection range to suit your specific needs.
  • Synchronization Capability: Connect multiple pairs of photocells for wider coverage.

    Ideal for:

  • Residential and commercial automatic gates
  • Swing gates, sliding gates, and barrier gates
  • Properties with high foot traffic or vehicle movement
  • Anyone who prioritizes safety and convenience

    In conclusion,

  • the ROGER M90/F4ES photocells are a valuable addition to any automatic gate system. Their combination of effective protection, stylish
  • design, and user-friendly features makes them an excellent choice for ensuring safe and hassle-free gate operation.
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240,00 د.إ

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